The Death Collector book review

Gold Star to 'The Death Collector'

** spoiler alert ** It's Jurassic Park, it's Neverwhere, it's The Librarian, it's Frankenstein... it's The Death Collector!
This book reminded me of the above mentioned books (and T.V. movies in the case of The Librarian).

A pick pocket, a museum worker, a pastor's daughter, and a man who works in a special section of a museum where things go that contradict or defy science all work together to try to uncover a mystery left by a famous paleontologist about dinosaurs.
On the trail of this mystery is also a creepy man and his band of thugs and machine men plus his crazy pet dinochine.
Our four heroes have to figure out the mystery and protect it from crazy man before he creates an army of living dead men and dino machines.
To be honest, I wasn't sure I'd like this book but in the end I really enjoyed it. I could put it down, but I did want to see how it ended and enjoyed myself on the journey.

Worth the time to read? Definitely.
A little bit too creepy for little kids, but I think tween boys especially would really enjoy the book

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