First Book Review

This book is set in modern-day New Orleans where a curse from 155 years ago threatens to destroy the life of a teenage girl from New York.

I really enjoyed this book up until the end. I was enthralled, I was sucked in, I was totally captivated and excited to see how things would turn out. The book is well written, the characters believable and relatable, and overall it is an interesting and fresh ghost-story.

Sadly, the ending was rather anti-climactic. The curse and all the events leading up to its fulfillment are intriguing and cause you to turn page after page. But the night when the curse will be fulfilled and will finally end is a quick blurb. The antagonists are all there when the curse is carried out, but the second something happens (in the blink of an eye) they are done with and the characters are never revisited and barely mentioned again. The main character never seems to have any closure, either. There was a brief epilogue in which we learn a few things about where the main character and her love interest went from there, but it was vague and unsatisfying. I don't read books FOR the love story, but often times I stay BECAUSE OF the love story and when they end dully or not at all it is a disappointment.

A good read, fun and exciting, but brace yourself for a semi-lame and terribly rushed ending.

As much as I wish I could give this book a gold star we're gonna give it a silver star. If you have read this book or end up reading this book, let me know what you thought!

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