Haiku YOU! Vacay.

About this time every year I get that itch... I wanna travel, explore... GETTHEHECKOUTTAHERE!!!
While you are sitting at school, sitting in your cubicle, sitting on the couch I want you to take those imaginings of faraway places and all that you would do and write... you guessed it... a HAIKU!
If you are miserable and hot and sweating you maybe imagine a place where there are cool pools everywhere and you can just dip and dive as you please, or perhaps you imagine sitting solitarily on a fishing boat in the middle of the ocean surrounded by glaciers off the coast of Alaska... maybe you live in a place where summer has not gotten the memo that its time has come and you are imagining yourself in far off lands surrounded by the dusty dry heat of an African summer or are imagining yourself in your backyard two months from now.
Whatever your daydreams of vacation are, write them down, brainstorm, pick the one you feel most strongly about, the one you could describe the best and start composing.
Listen. I don't care if you've never written a poem in your life. TODAY IS THE DAY! Get out your journal, log onto your online journal, open a fresh word document and get writing.
Share with us what you wrote if you so choose. We always love to hear it.
remember a haiku is composed like so:
5 syllables
7 syllables
5 syllables

Happy Writing!

Blue birds sing softly,
Still gray fog rests heavily
Quiet ocean morn.

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  1. Missed the word of the day today! How are you?