Haiku You

All right. So getting down to WRITING.
A haiku is a poem with a very specific recipe. You all remember syllables from grade school? Clapping as you say a word to determine how many syllables your name has?
Sa-Rah = two
Em-I-Ly= three
Bart= one
You get the general idea?

So the recipe for Haiku is:
5 syllable line
7 syllable line
5 syllable line

Typically Haikus are used for imagery. The challenge is to create something beautiful, lyrical, and moving all within the constraints of  the form. A lot like ballet. An illustration of this is a haiku I wrote:

Writhing winter wind (5 syllables)
Whipping branches back and forth (7 syllables)
Nature's tug-of-war (5 syllables)

I typically enjoy free verse because it is just that, free. But I think that it takes real talent (one I wish I had) to create something poetic even though you have guidlines. Afterall what would life be without guidelines? Not every road can be the Autobahn and yet you can still get where you are going on time if you leave early enough on a road with a 25 mph speed limit. It isn't as much fun, but think of the things you might see along the way when it isn't all a blur. I will compare Hiaku to this. The scenery you get to notice, the butterfly lighting upon a flower, the bees dancing around a meadow, the light sparkling off the refuse on the side of the road.... You have to take it slow, you have to do it 'the man's' way, but you can still create beauty.

Today's writing prompt is to write a Haiku about grapes. It can be an imagery poem or it can have a particular meaning. It can be funny or serious. Stretch yourself, your imagination, and your abilities to create a poem you would love to share within the restraints of a Hiaku. You are more than welcome to also write another Hiaku and share that if you wish, but please put up a Haiku about grapes too.

Here's mine (a little silly, a little gross, but I am inspired by my life and that includes a lot of weird diapers from my baby and his current preferences):
Juicy purple grapes
for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Juicy purple poo.

I would really love for you to share your poems in the comments. I think we'd all like to hear them. And I would appreciate no comments belittling anyone else's Haiku. This is a safe environment where we are all learning and growing as writers. If you want critique ask for it in your comment. If anyone wants to critique (CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIQUE ONLY) they can do so. We reserve the right to remove any comment/ critique we feel is hurtful, cruel, or just plain mean. okay?

I want everyone, EVERYONE to try to write a Haiku today and would love for you to share even if you haven't written a poem in your life. We are learning here and your poems are safe!

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  1. Great gobs of green globes
    chew them up and feel them squish
    juices run down your chin