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So. Here we are. Writers and readers all. Welcome to our world: a world of word lovers.
There's something about the written word, isn't there? Such a thing as you can change which word has the emphasis and completely change the meaning. You must be careful, though, for the wrong emphasis on the wrong syllable can accuse you of something nasty indeed.
"I shot my mom?", "I shot my mom?" "I shot my mom?" "I shot my mom?". This is not a confession, merely an illustration. Go on. Try it.
Or perhaps punctuating something differently changes everything and the distance between a period and a question mark is light years away.
I shot my mom! I shot my mom? I shot my mom. Same words different, nay very different, meanings/ feelings. Imagine being a police officer on the scene and what emotions each would portray.
I shot my mom! Um, hello. Someone's excited AND insane?
I shot my mom? Maybe this person's innocent. Or maybe they have bad aim?
I shot my mom. Completely unfeeling, uncaring, and probably a cold-blooded, calculating murderer.
OOr commonly confused words that either are just completely wrong, or if they are messed up lend the wrong message.
Their dogs (posession).
They're dogs (rude!).
There! Dogs! (ooh. look. I am five and excited to see a quadriped. Maybe I will get down on my hands and knees and pretend to be a dog! Don't put holes in your pants! Look what you did, your hands are all dirty!)
So. The point of this exercise is to show how important little things like punctuation can be.
Play with it. See what accusatory or comepletely innocent things you can come up with just by changing punctuation or emphasis.

And come back soon. We'd love to have you!

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