Writing Prompt #1 Becoming the Irritant

Okay. So. Sometimes we need a little something to get our creative juices flowing and sometimes we just need to write anything before we can work on whatever something we are stuck on.
So. We will provide writing prompts every week to start and I want you to start a journal and do the writing prompt in it. It can be an online journal, it can be an actual journal, or it can be a computer journal. Sometimes you will write a sentence or come across a bit of human nature that ends up being just the thing for your book/ poem/ etc. and if you keep your journal you can go back and find those little jewels. You needn't worry about your writing being fantastic (although that is nice too), just get you mind working and get out of your slump!

This week's writing prompt (which doubles as therapy):

Think about a pet peeve you have, or something your spouse-kids-sister-brother-neighbor did that really bugged you and then write what happened from THE IRRITANT'S perspective. Now you and I know they did it just to make you mad, but not really. I want you to write down the story from their perspective. You might end up with something really funny and you just might end up being a little more understanding. Okay? okay.
So. Post an excerpt  if you want to share what you wrote with everyone!

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