Writing Prompt #5: Goodnight, sweet prince...

My fear of bugs, spiders, and other creepy crawlies has been present since I was a child. I remember calling for my dad, my heart pounding whenever I saw a spider. My dad would come with the toilet paper raised like a war-flag and squish that bug. When he did this he always said, "goodnight, sweet prince".

So. the writing prompt for today is this.... think of a time a bug has been hanging around needing a good squishing (unless you are the type to vacuum them up or capture and then release back out into the wide world) and in detail describe the events including your feelings.
THEN to further the excercise I want you to put yourself in the shoes of said insect during the final moments of its little buggy life and describe the events and emotions from its perspective.

Get out your writing notebooks, your journals, your computer and get writing.

As always, feel free to share some or all of what you wrote and request critique if you so desire.

Happy writing!

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