Can you spot the error?????

Saw this ad. I am sure it was written by an adult... eek! So many people forget how to spell things korecktly.

"Very good condition get a head board and foot board. This is a Queen size. Does not come with side rails and is wood not medal. Will take an offer as "


Haiku to you!!!

As writers we want to stay accurate. At least as accurate as possible. To do this we have to research. I am not giving a BIG project but I do want you to attempt to write a haiku about somewhere you haven't visited. To do this:
I want you to think of a place you have never been and do some quick research on some of the weather conditions, major landmarks, etc.
Then write your haiku using some of the information you have gathered trying to capture what you think is the feel of the place.
Share it with us if you dare!



back from vacation....
week and a half long hiatus.
Isn't it funny how we always tend to need lots of rest and relaxation after a vacation??

Today I will throw out a simple writing prompt. Find a picture of yourself when you were a little, little kid on vacation and write the story of the vacation as much as you can from the picture using the background and facial expressions to add details. It doesn't need to be accurate and I think the exercise would work better if you didn't use a picture from a vacation you actually remember.

Happy writing!