PUNCT uate

I am a slacker. I realize this.
Life is more important than blogging.
or at least I try to tell myself that.

Do you ever wonder, however... if you submitted work using weird verging on the wrong punctuation it would be accepted as is? Like: if you used bad punctuation to get a point across if it would have to be changed because it is wrong.
Faulkner. Verbose. Lots of punctuation in order to have a Loooo-ooong sentence. Probably wouldn't fly if a sally simpleton submitted. right?
But. A lot of periods. Short, short, short sentences. I feel like they portray lack of feeling... sarcasm even.
Is it wrong?? Is it wrong in the sense that writing IS to communicate and it is difficult sometimes to communicate through written word as clearly as when you're speaking face to face. Why? Tone of voice. Simply that. If I raise my voice and say my dog died... I am blaming someone.
If I raise the pitch... but just at the end mind... I am asking... perhpas I am in denial.
If I say it dead pan perhaps I am sad. Or just don't care.
My dog died! (yelling)
My dog died? (denial)
My dog died. (sad? Deadpan? Don't care? Sarcastic???) It is difficult.
see here:
If I say
My. Dog. Died. Puncutating (incorrectly?!) I am making each word hit home.
I can say
(in many more words)
Pausing after each word (or ennunciating after each word) she told him, "My dog died."
I am not NOT saying you should use poor language skills. I am not knocking grammar and proper punctuation. On the contrary!!! I feel it is extremely important to write and speak correctly. I am just saying: Language is fickle.
Rules are fickle.
In the world of so much written/texted communication we are getting creative. We want NO misunderstandings. We want to communicate and be sarcastic but so many don't want to peel their fingers off the keyboard to insure this. (Personal feeling: WHY EVER NOT?!?!?) So. We make language work for us. And why not? PLEASE use proper spelling and grammar!!!
Here's my cahllenge: Rather than thwarting the rules write a few sentences using PROPER grammar/ punctuation and portray your feelings, your tone. Okay? Okay.
Share if you so choose.

Write me a sentence. Use ?wrong? punctuation

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