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Keys to the Demon Prison (Fablehaven, #5)Keys to the Demon Prison by Brandon Mull

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Since this is the final book in the series I will briefly review the whole series here.

Enjoyable? Definitely. Gripping? Frequently. Would I read it again? Surely.

Here's the thing. I am convinced that a lot of contemporary male authors can't truly write a love story. I realize that this series is sort of a children's series, but it is also a YA series in my eyes. Kendra's 15. I don't know what it would really be classified as. I was as disappointed with the love story in the Pretties and Uglies series.

At times I got very hopeful to see Kendra find love. I know, I know. Idealistic and irrelevant. But not in my eyes. I am a romantic TO THE CORE and love a good love story. Overcoming challenges, loving someone no matter the difference (expect for like more than 10 years apart in real life)... etc. I love it. I eat it up. I gobble it and want more. So after a few potential interests were added to the story starting in the 2nd book I got very hopeful. It was sad when Kendra was betrayed but really I was not attached seeing as no time was spent on the development of the relationship. Whenever Kendra was having something develop with a character it was usually seen through Seth's eyes so there was no detail, no excitement, no "will he won't he"... And in the end there was sort of a love story (lacking many details and excruciating bits) though it was left on a note of friendship that Kendra felt deep down would grow into something more and remain. I am glad he said it... at least it offers some closure... but not enough.

That being said for the romantic in me...

The action was awesome. The book well written except for a few parts where the larger words seemed forced into the book. (Which isn't necessarily a bad thing since I am all for getting kids to read books with big words so they'll understand them and incorporate them into their vocabulary.)

It just... read awkwardly at some points. But that's okay.

I stayed up too late multiple nights to finish the series. With every book I was draw in, nervous, excited, and definitely entertained.

Very glad I gave the series a chance. It was surely worth the time it took to read.

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