Book Review: Wish I Might

Wish I MightWish I Might by Coleen Paratore

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was cute. That's all. Not a waste of time because it is a quick read but a la meme temps... it was simply and only and forever just cute.

Don't know if I want to read any of the other 'Willa Havashim' books becuase it was so so-so.

I wanted to be impressed. I tried to be impressed.

But something about the 'Skinny Punch' books the author had the character constantly talk about (skinny, quick reads that pack a punch) made me think the author considered or at least hoped this book would be such a thing as that. And it wasn't.

Plus her boyfriend is kinda lame.

And her friends suck.

So. Cute. But not really great.

Not really worth the time it takes to read, but it doesn't take too much time anyway.

The author builds up this 'mermaid' thing but it really isn't much of anything.

Lots of good quotes throughout the book but they are all from other authors and quoted in the book.

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