Book Review: The Wednesday Letters

The Wednesday LettersThe Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a nice book with nice stories, nice characters, and a nice moral.

It read pretty quickly and was entertaining. It was, by no means, a waste of time.

It's a story about siblings whose parents have just died. They find out that their dad wrote every Wednesday through all of their married life. They learn things they didn't know about their parents and they learn some things about themselves, too.

Each of the 3 children are going through a toughtime (the synopsis on the book jacket promises) and are helped by their dad's words. That part was diappointing because you really only hear about and watch the problems of the younget son. The other problems are pointed out sort of but never fully examined or repaired. So I think the author could have delved deeper into all of the kids or the publisher could have focused the synopsis on the kid that is really the main character (outside of the parents).

Overall it left me feeling happy and glad I read the book.

If you enjoyed Tuesdays with Morrie and books that are similar you might just want to give this one a chance.

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