Review: Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, LoveEat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Hm. Well I don't have any existential crises in my life so I didn't really connect with a lot of what Liz Gilbert went through, but she definitely had some nice ideas and some nice things to say. I was happy to read that she found peace with herself, with her life, and with her needs.
Even though her ex-husband becomes something of a nutter in the divorce (and this is, of course written from her perspective, not his) I feel sorry for him. She focuses on what she did to try to make the divorce better, but she doesn't seem to acknowledge, truly, that she left. She married him and so he created plans for their future -- including a house and kids. When she didn't want those things it was good of her to be honest, but it was also honest and expected that he would be hurt and angry. His whole life plan and happiness was ripped out from under him and it was out of his hands -- there was nothing he could do -- she was leaving.
So. An interesting book. Interesting to read her search for God and peace and a nice ending that's real (it is non-fiction, after all).
A few 'F' words and other language but it's not too prevalent. In case you are watching out for that.
Not a waste of time, per se, but not necessarily my type of book. Well-written with characters that come out of the page as themselves and not just her remembrance of them.

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