Book Review: Entangled

Entangled (Spellbound #1)Entangled by Nikki Jefford

So... the story line was intriguing. Unexpected and intriguing with a really satisfying ending. BUuuuuut. Ugh. It was filthy in some parts... trashy without having any actual sex scenes. I really,  I just.... I don't understand why authors feel like it is necessary to teach teens that that kind of behavior is okay. Like... do we really think teens need to be having sex and risking getting pregnant? Isn't it a scary thought at all that there could be all these young mothers either giving kids up for adoption, trying to raise them on their own, or having an abortion??? Just so they can indulge their hormones? I mean, sure, some kids have sex... it is a reality of these times... but do authors really have to pound into teenagers' heads over and over that it is not only okay, but expected?! Teenagers are kids... practically children. They aren't in a position emotionally, financially, or even physically to be having kids. Sex leads to having children. End of story.

I digress...

Overall... if it hadn't been for the nasty bits I would have greatly enjoyed this book. As it was... not so much. I would be anxious to read the next book, but as much "stuff" as this book had in it... I wouldn't dare. It only gets more filthy in my experience.

If you don't mind skanky teenage stuff, then you might really like this book. If you do... find a different book to read.

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