Book Review: Being Henry David

Being Henry DavidBeing Henry David by Cal Armistead

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Okay... pretty much my only three problems with this book: The kid was miraculously good at anything. He's like, "Oh. I lost my memory. A guitar, what? I'll try it. Oh wow. I'm awesome at guitar. And running. And building. And memorizing." And the language. Holy Hannah there was a lot of rough language. Finally, there were a lot of loose ends. I mean, a lot.

Now that that is out of the way here is what I liked:
This book was so interesting. The main guy was a little bit of a pansy in some ways (face up to your problems already, dude) but he was also great. He was flawed and insecure. He was empathetic and yet a little dangerous.
Hailey was a lovely character: helping him find some redeeming qualities in himself.
The story line was interesting and all the ties to Walden seemed well-researched. I kind of wished we found out why he was drawn to Walden, but ah well. It didn't ruin the book that we never did.

Aside from some major loose ends, the ending was great. Everything came full circle and one of the most important plot arcs got all worked out.

All-in-all I enjoyed this book. It wasn't perfect but it kept me interested.

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