Book Review: A Wish in the Woods/ Wish

A Wish in the Woods (Faerieground, #1)A Wish in the Woods by Beth Bracken

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
I read an ARC copy of the new illustrated version via Netgalley. It was titled "Wish" on Netgalley. I'm grateful to the publisher for letting me read this book.

Here's what it comes down to... If I could make a wish in the woods, I would wish that this book had worked. I wanted to like it... the ideas were fine and some of the artwork was pretty but. BUT. The voice was awkward and stilted, a lot of the pictures were just... off, the ending was abrupt, and everything happened too fast. The girls seemed too young for all of this "jump right in an kiss someone" kind of a love story... even if real thriteen year olds do that, these girls were immature and juvenile and naive and it didn't work.

What I did like: The story idea was fine, cute even. The characters were likable even if they were underdeveloped. The story makes you want to see what happens next. Some of the artwork was beautiful.  I think that was the hardest part for me about the artwork: how inconsistent it was. How awkward and silly some of the pictures looked compared to others that worked.

It took very little time to read and I don't think I would say it was a waste necessarily, but I don't plan to read it again and probably won't seek out the next book.

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