Book Review: The Trumpet of the Swan

The Trumpet Of The SwanThe Trumpet Of The Swan by E.B. White
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hahahahahaha. This was such a cute book and has been placed on my all-time-favorites list. I loved it so much.

Louis is a swan who was born being unable to "beep". His dad and mom worry he won't be able to woo a mate later in life if he doesn't ever develop his voice.

Meanwhile a little boy named Sam, also quiet and reserved, observes the swans and makes friends with them. He saves their lives and te birds grow to trust him. Louis goes to live with Sam for a while to learn how to write so he can communicate. He returns with a slate around his neck. He is so excited to say, "hello" to his parents. Alas, they cannot read.

This book was charming. The writing was very abrupt unless Louis' dad, the cob is speaking. He is very verbose. It was so funny and I found myself laughing aloud and giggling often through the book. It is simply lovely in every way. I highly recommend this book and will be reading it again and again.

A well-written, beautiful book that makes you feel good. A lighthearted novel that is a quick read but makes you a better person by the end.

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