Book(s) Review: The Sisters Grimm Series

The Council of Mirrors (The Sisters Grimm, #9)The Council of Mirrors by Michael Buckley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There are nine books in this series. They are all about two sisters (and their family and friends) who are descendents of the Grimm brothers. The stories the brothers wrote are actually history and the girls have a destiny to be fairy tale detectives. There is an evil group plotting to hurt the Grimms and trying to destroy the town where all the fairy tale people/ creatures live (and escape since it is a prison). The Grimms have to work together with their friends to stop the Scarlet hand. Puck, Snow White, Prince Charming, and others are all part of the story. Some flat characters from fairy tales are given more rounded personalities and we see a new side to a lot of villains.

A really fun, clean series taking fairy tales and adding details that show a neat twist on some simple stories.

A lot of adventure and even a little, just a very little, romance.

The protagonists are two young girls with very big destinies and the final book wraps it all up very nicely.
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