Book Review: Destined

Destined (Wings, #4)Destined by Aprilynne Pike
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Okay. So. I just finished this book like... five minutes ago.  I was stressed 'cause I had things going on here at home making it difficult to finish!!!

First off, this was a really fast read... like, if I hadn't had any interruptions I probably would have finished in two hours.  BUT! It honestly had everything it needed to have in it.  Aprilynne Pike didn't waste a lot of time on useless descriptions or crummy ol' sex scenes.... she just wrote the story and I appreciated that.  The pacing was great and I never felt bored or rushed. She found a really great middle ground for all the plots/action/adventure/love story/ friendship/ intrigue that she had to wrap up for the other three books.

I liked the ending. It wasn't totally drawn up and clear and yet all the endings I needed as a reader to feel satisfied, I got.

I am having a hard time recalling all the books, but going off this book and the fact that I read the other three (and the fact that it was such a fast read anyway) I would say this series wasn't a waste of time and the ending really made me feel satisfied and like I could move on knowing things work out without feeling stressed... like maybe the author has another eighteen books in the works. ;)

Okay. Let me add one last tiny thing. So, Laurel's wings (her flower) were such a big deal in the first three books... from adding a sexual note (which, really? Not my cup 'o tea anyway and pretty darn near unnecessary) to revealing her fairy identity... NOT EVEN MENTIONED ONCE and honestly, you'd be hard pressed to think of her as anything other than human in this book until the very, very last moment. She was a weak heroine indeed. That I did not like.

All right. That is all!
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