Book Review: The Shadow Society

The Shadow SocietyThe Shadow Society by Marie Rutkoski
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Let down and then surprised...

I'll explain.

So, I really had a little bit of a hard time getting into this book.  The writing was choppy, the characters cliched, and the plot was cliche.

As Darcy grew as a character the writing smoothed out.  Maybe the author did this on purpose.  We'd have to ask.  But it seemed to fit.  As she calmed down and found her place in the world there was less angst (which translated into choppiness for me) and more calm, real, decent writing.

I don't mind a little cliche in plots... with SO MUCH YA BEING PUBLISHED... it's kind of inevitable and a lot of authors (or maybe it's publishers) seem to want to stick with what works rather than take a chance.  I can't fault 'em entirely, but I always loved something new.

So, yes, the type of paranormal characters were different (read: NOT vampires and NOT werewolves), but the feel of the characters and their roles in the story was not so much.

Not a waste of time. Not spectacular or miraculous, but decent on the side of good.

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