Book Review: Shadowlands

ShadowlandsShadowlands by William Nicholson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The problem with really short books... it's hard to give them four stars. This book was so, so, so great, but I didn't love it... I didn't have time to love it.

Nevertheless, really good book.  I love the image of C.S. Lewis questioning what he alway thought because he actually had an experience with it.  Life definitely has a way of testing our faith.  And that's good. Without adversity, there can be no strength.  I also love that he chose, after a time, to continue to have faith that it is all for our good... no matter how hard it seems.

A book that would be awesome for a book group because there's a lot to discuss.

Not a waste of time (I wanna see the film!)

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