Book Review: Frannie in Pieces

Frannie in PiecesFrannie in Pieces by Delia Ephron
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I liked the question posed: what rules, your head or your heart? And the conclusion that it's your heart. Life is an illusion because what we see is always filtered through what we feel. We see what we feel -- not always facts.
When fifteen year old daddy's-girl Frannie's dad dies and leaves everything to her she has the sad task of going through his house. Her dad is an artist and his medium is wood. He created a puzzle from a picture of a coastal Italian town. When Frannie starts putting it together she gets sucked in more than once. As she gets closer to putting the puzzle together she finds out a little more about her dad. It isn't until she finds him in the puzzle, though that she can piece everything together and realize that even though her parents are divorced, they loved each other and it seems to give her peace in dealing with her dad's death and in her relationship with her mom.
Meanwhile she's working as an arts and crafts counselor at a kids' summer camp and she meets a cute boy who is soooo not her type -- until he just might be.
This book has a cute voice with real characters. It's a quick read with deep thoughts. Overall really enjoyed the book.

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