Book Review: The Wednesday Wars

The Wednesday WarsThe Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Some books catch you within the first few lines and hold onto you until the book is finished. This is one of those. I have struggled lately to be interested in a book and keep reading after the first few pages... I've just lost interest. Then I picked up this book and immediately felt invested and happy to be reading it. I fell in love.

The voice of this book is so strong and well done. The characters are real and believable and complex. The plot is a mish-mash (but with constant and continuing elements that keep it cohesive), but in a way that fits. After all, it is the story of a teenage boy's life in seventh grade.

I just... I'm so impressed. The main character, Holling Hoodhood (silly name, yes?)is such a well-rounded character who is silly and serious and juvenile and mature and just everything you think a teenage boy really is. He grows and learns to stand up for himself, he learns to forgive, he learns empathy and adventure and compassion.... just. Tsk. SOOOO GOOD.

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