Book Review: What Alice Forgot

What Alice ForgotWhat Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow. I mean.... wow. This book is a book that maybe every married lady (and man!) should read. Especially in a marriage that is struggling. Just.... wow. Deep and moving and tragic and full of hope...

A story of a marriage that is basically over when the wife has an accident that causes severe memory loss (i.e. the last ten years of her life) which puts her in a position to see her marriage and (soon to be ex) husband in the light of a newly-married and very much in love wife instead of the hard, jaded, angry, hurt, and bitter wife, sister, and mother she has become.

Alice finds a way to find the middle ground where forgiveness, love, understanding, and lightness exist and it is magnificent in its way.

What if in our lives we were granted to opportunity to see ourselves now through younger, more optimistic eyes... what if we were able to forget the hurts and frustrations towards others that we let get in the way of a fulfilling relationship? What if we could see our spouses as they are without the years of little nit-picky things that irritate us and be reminded about why we fell in love in the first place? BUT THEN!!! To be able to remember and come to a place where we could forgive because we have been reminded of how important our love is?
Liane Moriarty presents these ideas and a lovely story that includes the best-possible outcome forging the blindness of early love with the depth of shared-experience and forgiveness.

Worth a read. But... watch out for some swears.

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